Isn't it  wonderful to celebrate Chinese new year with friends? Of course, it is! And the most exciting part is to tour the whole Binondo, Sta. Cruz and Escolta Manila in how many hours? Maybe 3-4 hours. Damn we've got it covered yesterday. Armed with cameras my co-bloggers and photogs went gaga over those old buildings along Binondo.

The  1934 inked on a facade just shown us how old Manila is. Darn I could feel some eerie presence lurking at night. Moi was their voice, as these people are so busy taking shots after shots on these colossal figures. I've gotta say, I am amazed with their shots.

We started our tour at Binondo church one of the oldest churches our country has to date. This structure was built during the Spanish colonial. The rickety and rusty facade of the church would drawn you back to the past, how Manila looked like then. Axl the blogger/photog invited me together with Mervz and the rest of the gang. It was a very short notice, but I still got the chance to make it. We ended the tour eating at Sun Mah restaurant. And viola, I enjoyed the whole photo walk  tour!

Thanks Axl for the chance to meet other bloggers and photogs. Til next time!

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