Happy Valentines Day! I seemed to noticed this yesterday, people were laughing whilst exchanging this lines. Roses and cards were everywhere. Holding hands and some little kisses encapsulated the whole Manila. But this was not the main event I've witnessed.

While most people were either selling flowers, stuff toys and a lot more or in a date, our team was dedicated to give information and education to people about HIV/AIDS. The scorching heat of the sun was terrible but with our persistence and dedication to help our government stop this epidemic we still pushed it through til the end. And Viola, we made it happened.

Our team consists of gays, guys and even women who have devoted themselves in helping us to make this campaign more visible to the public eye. To give awareness and to be able to let the society be more open about HIV/AIDS and its effect in our country today. The experience was solidified by our aggressiveness to distribute flyers and 2 pieces of condoms inside it. Some were a bit apprehensive about it, as their minds were centered on condoms and not on the flyers we've given to them. I have noticed people of whom received the flyers smirking or even laughing when they opened it and saw condoms in it.

It's quite frustrating how these people reacted, a lamest reaction so far. There were rude passers as well who refused to received it.And if there were people who took it, at the rear end, they threw it away. It is so delusional and lunatic for these riffraff to do so. 

But we would like to give thanks to those who took time to listen and those who took time to read the flyers. With this little effort we've done, can be a catalyst  for us to be united in stopping HIV/AIDS from spawning. The right informations and educations can help us protect ourselves from getting infected of this virus.

Always remember that still at this very day, no known cure for it.


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