And for those who dream, keep doing it-
add up some perseverance and faith into it,
and it will become real.
Ignite your soul with positive words,
nourish your heart with good friendship and real love.

For with faith in God everything is possible.

Create and make a mark,
nurture it with kindness,generosity and love.
To respect others- understand their own way of perceiving life.
Difference is given, so to listen is the key to great companionship.
Develop it through accepting unique character
Make someone smile,
And gladden the hearts of those who are dying inside.

The essence of life is simple-
don't complicate it. Rather make it the simplest,
according to how you perceive it.
Serve and know your purpose- that is to love God.
Put your trust and hope in Him alone.

Adversities are given.
Life is unfair- but what would makes it fair
is when you set your mind in a positive mode

Love like you've never been hurt before.
Live life like you've never been beaten by trials.
Because everyday is a choice to live and to love.


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