There are certain things that we wanted to be perfect, those predicaments that we see too it dope. In a relationship there are things that we consider adhering. So to speak, we all have signs to pack up, to be able to ascertain if this relationship "is" still up for  good and can be a long term one. We hate short terms isn't it?

I've come up with a 14  signs You and your partner will stay forever. So here it is!

1. For your birthday, he buys you something you never knew you wanted and can't imagine living without.
2. You drive cross-country together and by the end of the trip you like each other more.
3. You've seen him snore on the couch, suffer through the flu, clip his nose hair-and you're still attracted to him.
4. He always picks the moment you feel most exhausted or out of shape to tell you he thinks you're handsome.
5. When you tell him you want to talk, he puts down his ipod, ipad, phone to listen to you and says : What's up?
6. You sleep better with him tossing and mumbling beside you than you do when you're alone.
7.Your favorite part of going to a party together is after it's over when the two of you are alone.
8.When you need time to yourself, he's not relieved or excited, or angry- he just is.
9. He's thrilled everytime you succeed!
10. He wouldn't dream of getting himself a beer without asking if you want one.
11. You share an apartment, a bank account and even an email address or a page in facebook or a blog together.
12. While he still prefer dota with the guys, he's starting to get into playing barbies with you or with your nieces. lol.
13. You fight about what's bothering you today, not what had happened last week or last month. Or even before he met you.
14. You'v rather have sex with him forever than one night of soaring passion with anyone else (Even Taylor Lautner)

So guys, it is up to you if some of these lists did not at par to what you have right now. Anyway, it is just my own way of perceiving perfection. So I hope you've found some here.

Wait for the 14 signs of you might stop the craziness you have.


14 Signs of a healthy relationship

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