I hurriedly went outside, gasping for air. Trying to dispose such anger and aggressiveness I have contained after hearing her crying. The deafening echo startled my heart, the beating had gone so fast. If I can't hold on any longer, I might collapse. It's been such a long time since I've seen such happening- and at this time I felt icky, terrified.

Few moments had gone by, another deafening sound I've heard. This time her snarl have been so painful and
terrifying. Still, I have contained myself and still I was able to utter "tama na te."

A slammed of the front door shocked me. I peeked from the window of my room, though
 I couldn't find anyone outside fighting yet the loud nuisance was a bearing of a commotion going on. My hearts' beat was so fast, my damn nerves were shaking. The cruel memories flashing back and forth. in addition, my sister's drawback sound ignited my senses.

Tsk, tsk! tim where are you? A text from someone. In my mind, it was good timing to stop thinking about the commotion happening. I responded and ask him to call me ASAP. Alas, he did! Trying not to mind the said trouble, I pressed the keypads again to convince him to let me see him.
Without any thought, I received his confirmation, so the negotiation happened.

Hurriedly, I put on my cargo jeans and my black polo-shirt on. My hands were so fast tucking in my jeans on my boots so I won't get noticed. Shaking, I've scoured my closet to find some "handchy" and went down stairs- then immediately leaving the corridor empty minded. Forcefully signaling, I locked the gate as strong as I could to barred heads up of my going. Without saying a word, I left.

While riding a cab my hearts' beating so fast. My mind's freaking. i felt unable to move and to allow myself to conjure what had just happened. Asking for reasons on why this derriere thing happened? Who on earth was he able to do it to my sister?

I need some explanation.

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