My mustache is a clear evidence of me growing older and I ain't no denying such issue. I  have been journeying here in Manila for quite sometime now, alone but not having the loneliness that kills. I am pretty fine- fine as the gold being molded with a handful of hands trying to make it subtle as such it is a delicate one.  I came through your blog, well I've been checking it every now and then, though you're no longer updating it but I do still take time to read the  two (2) posts you've had in there. I am not insane, but I just love going it through and through.

Heck, I am twisted again. My decision of going back to Davao and start again really pains me. In as much, I am trying to settle my mind that it is a great move to be done. But something's drawing me back, pulling me to make and take the decision. In my case, Davao is always special- this place has taught me so many things. There were great lessons in love and friendship that was built. In times I remember those lessons. I even shed tears reminiscing it, truly life is a constant change.

Right now I couldn't figure out just yet on what decision should I be making. What are the things that I needed to consider.
1. I am scared to go back to Davao because I know for a fact that I am going to go back to the process. Apply and wait. 
2. I left the place because I wanted to make a name for myself here. Pursuing my fashion designing dream. 

These two valid reasons startled me. I wanted to, my hearts' maiming but the dire confusion seems to navigates and it does showing me what was the past I've had with the place. In a sense maybe I am scared, emotionally challenged. A hard labor to ponder on which way should I go.

I'm a man now. I'm a man that can decide rightly. That can make and take decisions superbly. But which way should I go? Should I sacrifice my dreams or should I stick to what is being planned?

I know it is a series of questions coming. But when my mind has no clear setting to come up with a great decision, could be crucial for me and my situation right now. I gotta give it to heaven's heaven to illuminate me.

Lord Help Me.


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