It's my fourth day in Davao City but the idea and that decision to move here did not sank in just yet. I felt things are going gawky and I missed Manila badly, those "late night spent" and of course my dearest friends. Lots of texts are flooding in my inbox asking me why did I not let them know I've got this plan to move to south. Well, I personally do not know, but so far so good. I am here because I need a breath of fresh air.

But I will definitely go back to Manila soonest. My life's there. haha.

For now I am enjoying the ride, the beautiful and serene city of Davao. The tiangge and some hot guys around town. So far I haven't a nice and brooding lad to hook up with, but who knows these coming days I may find one myself. Ugh, just to shag some boredom.

That's it for now! 

South Mayhem

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