Back into reality, back in the realm where everything is uncertain yet could be the most exciting thing in life. Manila, how dare can I say no to you? I have been resting my ass off here in the south not thinking of getting a job yet, lurking at night, helping my friend on her events and well so far it's quite dope to say I am fine.

But this escapades will soon end, as I am going to be back into the reality- and that reality is where people scraping off their dreams, chasing pavements and even shedding blood to be able to achieve that. The reality that is- hard and unfathomable. Rainbow skies will be missed, clouds that are as white as snow will be missed. The smooth traffic and as well as the serenity of the city will surely be missed! Oh, Davao you're such a dream... But I am leaving not because I love you no more, but because I have loved you so much and that it hastens me to pursue my dreams and make it happened.

The bustling city and its corresponding traffic will be my friend. The crowded places, MRT and LRT stations will  be my service. Another "wake up early" dilemma. Hay, but reality is reality. I am going back to Manila.

What are the things that I will surely missed?

1. Durian- because of its aroma that drives people from other cities afraid to take a bite. Oh not really, the taste of this fruit is fantastic!
2. Friends- my old peers and classmates who have build themselves an empire and soon will be great.
3. Parlight Prod- these dreamers are the one to beat. Chasing their dreams and making it to happen. I adore you guys.
4. Late night escapades- oh yeah, I so love this. Mainly, Davao is safe and darting late night in this city is fun.
5. Beaches- for the whole month of staying here, I have been soaking myself alot. The beaches are awesome!

Whoa, how I wish I could still extend? But I need to go back.

Oh, I'll be Missing You..

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