I couldn't question myself nor blame for anything that I have done, though there were questions that are decipherable, still I believe that the growing up years is forever constant. Daring to ask about the logical things, given facts and those tricky stuff could even ignite the fear of making mistakes (unintentionally).

I"ve scribbled so many posts in here that either talks about pain, achievements, sex-capades and those rhetorical things that I have experienced. I have been blogging for quite sometimes, I started with just a regular stuff, hobbyist, killing time and for leisure thingy (sabay sa uso) little did I know, it has become an avenue for me to express my feeling, to release the anger and grudge, to even realize  that I can't put hatred inside my heart and still have a good life, it is impossible.

With pain, maybe 30% of my posts will surely give you a benefit of the doubt. Sinning was such a horrible thing at first, looking at it so gross. But now, I have figured out that committing mistakes shouldn't be stopped. The point is, we learned from everything we do, from everything that happened to us, either good or bad.

Those indecisive acts, bluntness, excruciating rude words being thrown at me and vice versa. I felt so dirty, so bad. But when I realized, that to say  not good things against someone can be gross, but brace yourself, you can apologize and swear not to do it again. To live without hurting other people is the safest choice in life.

At least now, i am able to contain myself from anger, from indirect ot directly respond to people who think they're pure or good on something. At least now I am more open about some possibilities of being hurt, of not being accepted, not scared to be ditched off. Because I know myself more, and  I have decided (long time ago) to love myself and enjoy every seconds of it.

Realization as a Man

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  1. we need to commit mistake in order for us to learn and live with those lessons taught us. minsan ang isang realization is not enough when we don't act it.

    before anything else too, sa na-learn ko rin sa life ay yong kilalanin muna ang sarili bago ibigay at ipakita ang totoong ikaw sa ibang tao. basta whats important now, u have to live with that realization and apply it, it will give u a lot of difference im sure.

    telelalalagooood evening!!!


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