The PR (Planet Romeo) has been existing for nearly 10-12 years, this site has either broken your spirit or has taught you to live life in such a wonderful way. There are so many things that this site can give to us. From finding friends, lover(s) or even nemesis. Frankly PR is chaotic. Long time ago PR was introduced by a co-blogger who loves cock! Saying, there are so many things that this site can offer, so as those mentioned above.

The drama is deafening. There are mellow-dramatic, shit tug of war and the immaturity of each and everyone. The rants over some stuff that are delirious. Ridiculously you have to either take it or shag the thought off. Gays that are troubled, gays that are loud, mean and over confident. Gays that are timid, kind and wholeheartedly saying " I will find my Romeo." This combination either go along or go against.

The type of people who logged in in this site is either, someone needs to love and be loved, sex-addict, or just a plain user- (the so-called friends lang gusto) wanting to to join every social sites as possible. Grab. The PHYSICAL -this is the GOLDEN RULE of PR. Not that it is being imposed, but assertively this is a must have in order for you to find a good catch. With this rule, a lot of users have either gone sober or 6ft below the ground. Gays in such a variety of settings is unfathomable. Twists and turns, the respect over lust, discipline over low breeding, or can I all add up everything?

There are hard situations, as you can see on your screen some users will posts some insane rants over this and that user. The copy pasting jobs, the auto mode delete, blocking and even the two to tango war exists. Numerous accounts being made, it is either to FAKE someone's identity or to just crap someone off. In between, if we tend to look at it keenly, we may find some things that are unusual, as such- people who blocks, who rants, who create fake accounts are either maiming to be heard or just a PLAIN JACK-ASS. The rude ones perhaps.

There are certain types of users on this site. The Elite, Old Ones, Young and Naive, Rude Boy, Feeling Gwapo, Macho-hipon, The Ubod Gwapo- but saksakan ng Yabang, transgender and a lot more to mention. With these variety of settings, you will be able to asses on where would you position yourself as an individual. Jiving in isn't really the hard part- you only need to attack at the right position.

Mainly, PR stands for Public Relations- and that describes everyone. You either take it or you don't. There are so many reasons to stay on this site. Let me state that:

1. Friendship that has been found in this cyber world.
2. Sex (this must be the first, but allow me to make it second.)
3. Your ex- is here. He just go on an invisible mode or have blocked you. Maybe.
4. You have the RIGHT and the FREEDOM to say what you want to say, such as those mentioned on the 4th stanza.
5. PR has become a habit everytime you logged in, facebook+PR= SEX!
6. There are good people lurking here. They are hard to please sometimes, but dig in, and you'll know they're better than your father.
7. There are exciting people to dealt with. (You have to include those RUDE ones) it's a job everytime you logged in.
8. The vibe is different when you logged in, on fridays and saturdays. Why? Oh come on, it's off day next day so SEX is easy.
9. When you need to be alone, logged in here. Read those shouts, there may be jack ass and rude words posted. But when you only know how to ask them, they would share and even tell you hard things. UNDERSTAND.
10. We just wanted to be heard.

Thank you for reading.

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