I wanted to write something, a topic that tackles love stories and its success. Those impossibilities and how love aced it- huge or small. Love conquers all.

I got up so early, my eyes are still  chilly, feeling the cold dawn. I wanted to recede from going to the toilet but my dick's really hard and the water's wanting to flushed out. On this times, I am feeling icky. I gingerly made my way to the bathroom to splash it out. As much as I want to come back to bed and sleep, my mind's crawling up and scanning the thoughts that had transpired between us.

It startles me, this is insane. I wanted to start this day with a positive mindset. We are over, and I guess we ain't having any plans to rekindle our past, so I have to live with it. Unbearably I guess colliding to that thought will just hurt the heck out of me. It's a slap of truth maybe. What else can I do and say? You were the one who gave in and crap me off the hook.

It just started when you let me visit you, cooked me food and suck my dick. The mere fact that you are not the certain kind of guy that I want to hook up with, or maybe at that time I was just really horny but now everything is different. I like you! You sweet adobo and the pine juice you made, ugh awesome!

Heck, let me say, I stayed in Davao City and for my 2 months of staying here, you were the 3rd one that I'd hooked up with.  I am not flirt, I told you. I have been carrying this all these days. I am- I guess hooked.

Okay, I like you Harry. But you don't.


The truth behind fictional love

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