I'm tired of trying to love, I am tired of setting  standards on how the person should looks like or should act or what not. I am tired of trying my luck in cyber spaces where lust overwhelmed love. I'm tired to set expectations of passer by's. Tired of staring, glancing on handsome faces- and the end I could get a blink and then later we'll end up fucking. 

Yes I know sex is relevant to life, but can we sometimes look for some who could give us joy in other ways, rather than fucking? I amy sound so blunt- but I guess most guys wants me because of my appeal. Because I am hot. Because I am smart. 

But there's one peculiar thing that I wanted to hear, it is "I love you, not because your a sex symbol nor hot nor handsome, but you as a person." Isn't it so dope?

As a reserved guy, I see to it that I am up for something great, someone better and I hope by this time I could be able to have that person.

Crossing fingers!

One More time

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