There's this absence of capability in conjuring thought where most of the writers and bloggers use to experience. It's a dilemma wherein your brain is just plainly drain from any lucid thoughts and from things that is worth reading. A lot of writers and bloggers spent days and late nights to educe brainwork. And I know that it is really not easy, I am not the most celebrated blogger in town, but personally I know the feeling when your fingers  are so eager to type and there are thoughts or an idea that comes out of your mind, flourishing. But the worst thing is when you are starting to build a draft, it goes shit. All those thoughts have fade away. It sucks right?

To sum this post up, Cause I'm feeling tired and the draining brain is starting to happen, I would just like to thank my friend Oliver for the great gift he gave me on my birthday. I never thought he would buy it, I am just blessed having this few people surrounding me and making me feel so special. I know the Lord will surely bless him. My prayers and wishes.

Thank you so much for the Coffee Bean sketch pad, I had started to write on it and hoping this notebook will be one of the witness upon everything that I will be doing.

Maraming salamat sa gift!

The draining brain and the sketch pad

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