After the bummer months I had spent staying in Davao City, it is time for me to move back to Manila and start working for my future. I'm pretty excited about it. Though I felt sad since it is not easy to leave my old peers here and start a new ones aside from the old ones I've left back in Manila. You know hometown is always a hometown if you know what I mean.

But we all need to learn and to be able to make our lives worthy to live, I screwed up from my previous jobs, I have learned so many lessons from being a bum and at some point borrowing. It wasn't easy telling your friends  about giving you favor and the likes, I kind of hate myself for doing it now that I am officially 24 years old. It is old enough to understand the need to shaping my life up, build my network and work for my future.

My stay in Davao is always a joy to be fathomed. My friends and classmates back in College and my grade school days, I mean they've grown up alot. Some have even got married and some have build their own empire. It is such a pity-for-me mindset if I wouldn't realize to do my part on this world.

I am pretty ecstatic of what kind of life will I be getting and experiencing when I get back to Manila. I will definitely be keen and careful about decisions. Take good care of my job and being responsible to it. So help me God!

Go and have a life

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