You can't go wrong with love, because love is right regardless of how many people may have been blaring rude stuff and definition about it. Still, love is the sweetest thing, a wonderful gift given by the heaven's heaven. 

In my case, I would never grow tired to wait for my Romeo cause I know he's on his way now. I don't care how long will it take me to wait, I know I am reserving a place for "that" person, a place where he would surely enjoy. There has been so many ups and downs I've witnessed from my peers relationships. Some were crying, mouthing all those terrible experiences they have been through, the lies, infidelity and jealousy are amongst other numerous trials they've experience.

And as for me I am still optimistic about it. It may not be now or tomorrow, but I know in due time he's going to find me. I am here waiting beautifully! 

I know that in this present days, it is a real trick to find someone who can be faithful and would love you truly. If there must be that catch, he might be taken at some point or he might be out there miles and miles away. Love and relationship is a one rhetorical yet stupendous thing. It's a real treat when you have these two. 

This is the art of waiting, I'm patient! 

The Art of Waiting

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