I have to say that after what happened to me last Tuesday night I am now more keen on making friends with a strangers and I have learned to give out information that would tilt my life rudely. I can say I was harassed and wreck from the up side down. It was excruciating to fathom how could a person do such things to "just" ruined someone else's life? Really?

I even questioned my confidence if it is still intact and stable to go on with life. I mean, this blog have known so much about me, so much information that I try not to share it to so many riffraff as I am scared that I might be black mailed at some point. I am not hiding so much information that could destroy me or what not, it's just that there are people who can turn things around differently and oh they can make up stories that is so believable. Why not?

Hence my life and the way I perceive the world couldn't be changed according to what that person had said against me. As per some people who are close to me said "I shouldn't be affected by what he said since he don't know me at all, furthermore he cannot even make me less of a person" I should have bore that in mind way way back. But well it happened and I learned from it. That event had at some point shattered my tightness and my self-confidence has been questioned. I gotta say it wasn't the most horrendous experience that I had been through however it was one of those who wreck me all up.

And if I did allowed myself to be taken away and be eaten all up alive I might be living in dungeon right now. But never would I allow myself to be entangled by it. And Kelly Clarkson have agreed by singing "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" and with this statement alone I can be able to prove to that detractor that I can make it,  that his statements, thoughts and me suffering from his cyber-bullying words could not affects me from keep on moving. From doing the things that I know I can do.

I know one day my struggles will make sense. He only needs to wait and see. Thank God cause I know where to positioned myself  now, certainly.

Here's the song that will truly make you believe that life is what we make it. It is not what other people say about us, it's how we look at our self.

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger..

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