I joggle between flirting and job hunting, uh oh not the flirting with guys but flirting for managers to like me. I am being myself though, but to set up a platform and to be able to convince the people who barely know you could be a pain the ass sometimes. It is tormenting at the same time when you are being asked such things that would brought you some confusions. Hilarious isn't it?

There are instances where in I kind of lose my words mainly not because I didn't know what to say but it just that the question is too lame or complex enough to startle me in such a wrong way. 

One Berlitz interviewer called me and asked me so many things. Comparisons are just dumb and a no-brainer to be asked. This gay-guy called me and told me to compare Bonchon chicken and Jollibee's. Deep inside me, I find it stupid to asked someone with such a question, I mean "am I applying as a chef here?" Glad I told him the difference. And maybe he just wanted to assess my communication skills and to be able to ascertain that my grammar is purely way better than him. My mind was suggesting me to switch positions, he will be my interviewee and I will be the one's asking queries and let us see. 

So far everything is floating and rowing smoothly. Heading back to the corporate world after a long absence, I hope this time it's going to be greater and better!

Thanks God.

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