Death is one thing that human being could not stop. The given fact that we don't live longer that our lives are short is always that one thing I treasured the most. I know that there are times I have become indecisive, I screw life to its peak. I sometimes got myself into something crucial, my temper, my words and my deeds sometimes puts me into danger.

There were times in the past that I had done so many "shits" in life. Scouring the whole metro for adventures, living like a gypsy, lurking through the night from one place to another. There are so many things that I couldn't able to jot down as much as I wanted to. They're kind of obscene.

Well there comes a time where in you understand little by little, the walks of life, tricks and turns of it. The lilting manner of life, you can either screw this up or make up something useful to live life in a dopier way. 24 isn't the most mature life I say, but at least now I am more keen about my decisions and I am eager to start my own career "building myself".

It isn't easy though, but I know I can do it.

Lilting Manner

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