There are so many uncertain things that this world laid in for me to see, there are those that are unnecessary, uncanny, horrendous and there are those pleasing to the eyes and at the same time good for the heart. It may vary on the kind of choices we make everyday. There are things or some events that would inevitably shattered your innocence and could somehow changes your perception about life.

I'm a tough guy, a very tough one. Both physically and deep inside. I joggle so many things in life, I made stupid decisions, I go on an uncertain adventures, I play dirty tricks and the best thing is : I've learned to trust my instinct and I have understood the way life works. I ain't bragging, as so I would sound so proud without anything to prove for. 

The solidity of my ten nomadic years of living alone, mixing both the "surviving+living" and then comes up with something that every individuals would die to have, maturity. Please referred to the second article for further query (and oh for me not to sound boastful). Learning all tricks and watching out turns stunned me when I used to think of those times where learning is really at hand. To be able to survive is a question really. But if a man has the courage to make it happened then his heart will surely give him the way.

I know I sound so metaphoric and ecstatic. Yes, I'm flying so high. With all the thoughts that are flooding up my brain cells, developing pictures of my future and scanning the past, I couldn't withstand it, instead I need so  shagged it off. My thoughts are random, placed in a variety of settings, through and through. From the people along the streets of EDSA, beggars, travelers, faggots darting around the compound and so many to mention. Sometimes the more I thought of it, the more scary it could be come. As it unfolded to many plots and back stories of those. The people along EDSA, racing with the buzzing buses- eyeing for something. The beggars, who have been limping and begging for the passer by's penny, rugged and stinky. The travelers who packed and unpacked their belongings, jotting down all their travel plans. And what? These faggots? Yes, their darting around this massive compound, a condominium compound, where fishing for a good meal is allowed. Well, it is not bad to eye out though. I do understand, I too have the same interest, but definitely not as greedy as those who make it as their main course daily. 

My tilting brain couldn't bare to reiterate more, couldn't sucked up the pressure of my blood streaming down my vessels. The more I jot it down the more it becomes unreal, which I personally don't like. 

For now, I will allow my brain cells to relax, forget the realm and maybe navigate through places that are unsolicited, untraveled, undiscovered and most of all untouched. Sanity is my core but to be crazy is allowed sometimes, sinning and making life more meaningful by exploring so many little things and so many tiny places where impossible does not exist, instead love and passion do. 

Flooded with randomness

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