What a blast! Viola, I am back again!

It's too late to say welcome 2014, and darn celebrates for its arrival. It has been a busy month for me, dabbling two things- work and internship. But yes, everything can always be managed if you know how to.

I would not dare not to say "thank you 2013 for everything" and say I am so grateful for whatever transpired during the twelve months of journeying  with you. It had been  an amazing experience and being able to experience so many "first times" were rewarding at some point. I know that it wasn't a best year, but indeed it was a good year to remember.

There were lots of first times, and these are:

  • first time experiencing a real fashion shoot- professionally. thanks to Jear my head stylist for being so gracious on letting me take my fashion internship asap. 
  • first time to travel alone. Vigan was dream place,and being there was perfect.
  • first time to host after 3 years or hiatus, I know I am good at it- but I have doubted myself so much that resulted into not taking any offers. Glad I have my confidence back.
  • first time to be calling for an Aussie account. Lucky people, lucky country.
  • first time to "make sugal" at the slot machine.
  • first time to meet Angel Locsin, and I'd say- WTF, she's real!
Seems that there are so many things that  I have experienced first time, but those are privately hidden inside my heart.  My 2014 is about to unfold and I am quite excited to say I will hit it big time.

There are so many things that I wanted to say, so many things that I would want to let God know I am grateful- but yes He knows. As of now, I am happy, satisfied and looking forward for those great things to come.  I am a believer, an optimist and a dreamer. 

Life is good, it depends on how you see it. 

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