What love can't do? Nothing.

Lucky or blessed to have been showered with love. As such I must prove, a lot of people in this world are maiming to be loved. We all are, and looking for someone to accept our flaws and just gladly taking it as it is YOU, is emphatically seldom.

At 24, life is all at risk. Life is all up messy. With all these ups and downs, hide and seek kind of situation, with all the baggage coming from the past that still tauntingly creeping inside me. Yet finding peace is at hand but it cannot be grasp. Gripping through memories and trusting instinct that all is well and that faith can really move mountain.

I have a shaking spirit and a shattered dream. A broken spirit that is trying to compose himself and letting his  inner strength to collide even in the most bizarre way it could possibly be. I have narrowed down the possibilities why on earth human being tend to repeat its mistakes. What's in it that we try to dwell on. I couldn't fathom the idea and I couldn't even understand the way life works.

As of now, I wanted to shout and say " I am loved."

Both by God and Bill. I could only ask for a little time and care.


I have known You a long time ago, when my innocence was at its peak. Before my shattered dreams and broken spirit happened. You have known me even if I was inside my mom's womb. I couldn't predict what your plan will be, or what might be the "best" for me as You know what is best for each and everyone.

I have known You yet I tried not to reach instead I left. It wasn't as dope as i thought it was. Calling You when I needed you badly. And I am asking for your glory again? Do I still deserved to have it? I bet not.

But what can you do? I am here again.

Bill: it has been a tough story for us. A tough start and a lot of trials i reckoned so. It wasn't as happy as we thought it was. Yet you have stayed and even extended your hands to make me safe and let me feel the love that any human beings could give. You are one of the few people who accepted me and let me understand what love and care is. I couldn't ask for more, even your single penny- if I ask you provided it to me.

what can i ask from God? Nothing. I love you Bill.

thank you!


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