It has been a roller coaster ride for me, for so long I have never written something on this blog. I ain't a blogger anymore, as to how most bloggers describes it. It wasn't that cool not to write, I mean this blog has been my power support, it has been a good avenue for me to put all my frustrations into words and re-read it after. But yes, I am back and I will update this blog once every week with all the things that I do.

The love is falling out. It is tiring to let your love grow and flourish because of money. I need someone to cherish the days I have left, to make it surreal and beautiful. It is as well hard to love someone too far, I know I have proven to myself what faithfulness takes, but it is really hard to focus. Just when you needed someone to console you when you're down, or just at least a touch that means everything. Or am I just  being so naive and selfish?

It has been a dream of me to Love like I had never been hurt before. I always believe in love, I always does. I mean love is the medicine of all things unfair, painful and broken. Love heals, love makes a lonely person happy-  but I think I wont be getting that as of the moment. But I am crossing my fingers, one day soon, I may be able to find one for myself. I am hoping- he will come ASAP.

I'm waiting..

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