For the past four solid months I have extracted my brain to push for my fitness and it so happened that I see good result. Not the sure-win aesthetic that I really wanted to, but the massive improvement in totality is just awesome. I find working out as therapeutic.

Though there were times that I don't like working out, but I always push myself to the limit and just make it sure that I can do it everyday 5 times a week. I seldom skip a bit when working out. A lot of my gym mates told me that I am one of the beast when lifting. I would agree, as I don't take shit towards other people's  work out, their lift their fitness. Regardless if they will get the body they wanted or not.

I do follow my gym routines, the ab work-out is the tough one of all. I know understand how difficult to get the ripped abs and how easily it could vanished if you won't maintain it. Such a life of a gym-rat.

I am pushing myself for more. I won't be just sexy. I aim for aesthetic.

Beast Mode

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