I was fighting for the tears not to fall, as the promised love had taken its toll on me. I am quite sure that this is the end, I have not asked for it. I have not wanted it. But with all the lies and pains I have to bear- I think it is good for us to separate ways.

We've spent out time reading emails, we've spent our days appreciating and letting each other know how much we value, how much love and care for each other. But I would have wanted it real. The real that is visible, that is invincible and not a cyber web promise. Not even a voice to utter it.
 It's almost a year, almost a year full of promises, these and that. I am grateful, I will always be.

But everything seems not to be working out. Maybe I am too aghast for support, I am too needy to fall in-love, in returned you felt like you are being abused. Like the way your exe's  did to you. But it ain't at all. I always value, I always made sure that every penny that is given is spent correctly and rightly. As the Lord knew.

I am always grateful for everything, everything from love, from the boxes of soap, chocolates and even the cards. Everything will always be valued and will remain as part of what we have. The emotional cry, the rants and the raves about  our plans. It's important.

I would be happy if one day, You will find someone who will love you more than I did. That will not ask for anything, that will just settle as your plain guy. Not me, I am so needy. And I always have to start over again.

I wish you all the best, I pray that whatever you maybe feeling right now will be wipe out. Life is an amazing gift, you may want to enjoy it. It's always a state of mind. Happiness is. 

Fly high and be free. Life is awesome.

Until here My Love. I am letting you go.

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