I am done reading the guideline on writing well, short and concise. The writer is telling me how to be certain and be clear with my thoughts, to make it more relax and balanced. The 10 simple ways of writing was quite convincing that it tends to jumble most of my words. I haven't been writing lately, not that I am not so keen on doing it, but a hectic schedule and some troubled nights made me stuck.

Something like..... this... I can't even grasp and conjure something to write. I am just so good with the first two to three lines, the succession I am almost gasping for air. Jotting down either good or bad thoughts is making me goes through a mental relapse. Do I have to believe that some are not really born to write, am I one of those? Am I just blaring words for the sake of "something to read on my blog" or should I say just because I wanted to write and it feels like I wanted to write?

What's with writing? Does this heals sickness? Does it mend the broken spirit? Does it inspires?

Confusion over writing

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  1. I say, writing is an art, and like any other art you must continue doing it not for anyone else but you. it should help you in a lot of ways; most especially, it is a therapy. Continue writing and make no excuse in doing so. it is a release and its a good thing! heheheh


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