Crossing the bridge as if he is not going back.Rehearsing the song of farewell and thank you,
The undecided soul takes back its melody of longing.Is he pushing? Or giving up what is missing?
Questions are flooding, from giving up, from tremors and insanity. These are hanging.

Need not to explain, as the going had once gone so tough, that even the unfettered soul ceased
and flock into the wilderness. Soaking in tears and sweat, channeling the sorrow road of obscenity.
the kid was scared, he was shaking. Maiming for his mom to console and even condone his agony.

But the kid is sole, the kid is unparalleled. He has to take it to himself.
The skirmish was indeed hard according to him. The traces are visible. Look into his soul and feel the wilderness.
Indeed it was a personal battle of a traffic memory and a shattered man.

Let the heaven pour him rain to wake his consciousness. He is alone,and he has to fight.

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