"I want you"

Uttered words of a broken soul, uttered words of a bleeding heart. Maiming for the words that is " I will stay, I will be with you forever, as promised." Words the resounds hope, resounds freedom and more than enough it resounds love.

I wonder, why in the world did I let my heart left unsure of my deeds. I should have shagged it off a long time ago. "Look Tim, it wouldn't last" I took my chance, gripping on a fragile chandelier. I took the chance that after 3 years, I might hit the bandwagon.

"I want you to be happy, cause I can't make you happy." By leaving me? By letting me endure the loneliest time of my life? Where is that logic comes from?

Why? Why is the goodbye so tough to handle? Why is letting me go so easy for you?

I only have one last problem- and that is without you. I have got 99.9 problem, but You wont be one.

One last

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