It's a morning rush, though my eyes are swollen due to lack of sleep still I am here jotting down this draft. It's quite early to joggle my brain into confusion thinking of words to supply, but hell, I have to do this.

Let's hit the bandwagon!

For the past months since I've got laid off from the job, I was busy doing my fitness, it seems that my world evolves on barbels and dumb bells, it is my routine at the gym that makes me sane everyday. While my body is reaping the growth my mind and heart is gaining the self-confidence to back it up. Aside from it, I also become more optimistic in life, which I am glad to have pushed myself to the limit every time I have that "ME" time at the gym.

To be honest, my gym time is what I look forward everyday. Well I have to take it into consideration that I am currently on the process of finishing my job requirements.

My fitness allows me to think straight, it allows me to do more and make used of my abilities. Aside from it, I have learned to be patient and push for more. It helps me grow as a person, though there were times that I had became indecisive yet I am grateful for that mistake since it did let me realize how important it is to do things in the right way.

Furthermore, my gym routine made me to be grateful about what I have, it made more discipline on what I eat and drink, partying isn't bad at all, but I value my strength poured on to this mundane.

It's a crazy not easy life of being a gym-rat. But with the right mindset, with the feasible goal and pushing yourself to be the best- yet obtaining the patience that "we all" need may it be at the gym or in life, it will help us grow and succeed. My gym time just allows me to discover more inside of me, with that given benefits  of having a good body, lean, ripped or what have you- one thing that amazes me is my perseverance to make it happen.

Being healthy is always a good choice and so having a ripped and muscled body will just be the reward for the long fought hard work we put in daily. 

Lifting with Self-Confidence

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  1. the more u stayed sa gym the more hinahanap ito ng katawan mo everyday. hindi ako tinatablan ng gym so be it nalang hahaha


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