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Last night while eating at a karenderia I've heard the owner's conversation with his friends and some spectators listening to his litanies about gays and the cause of it. I tried keeping my self off the hook as to not being noticed I am listening. The owner knows me since I have been a patron in their food-stall.

He was discussing facts about being gay and what's the real cause of it. He detailed out all the possibilities that may cause why is someone gay and how can it be prevented from happening. I was jotting down all his theories and as per him it came from his study and research. Well, I gotta ponder on that.

The lady at my side was  worried since the owner is pointing out some possibilities of her son's future and a huge possibility of him to be gay. Looking at her shocked with the information, she quickly rebutted, as to yet another fancy words "that it is not possible." She was pointing out that her son is not gay and will never be.

The owner now laid all the reasons basing it on his theories and research. One main reason is
  • FOOD

At this point, I butt in and said "My dad came out at the age of 54, and there was no issue about it. I added that he has been a good provider and never let us feel like we are less of a person. He attended all the things that we needed and we are quite happy, satisfied. At first we were sadden by the truth, but we can't live with it, letting our dad suffered from discrimination and stereotyping."

The owner just shag off and laughed. I don't think that someone should be blaring words against gays and how we live. It is shouldn't also be a bases for anyone to prejudged someone who is gay on will he be able to feed his family or whatnot. My point is, life can be unfair. There are those who wants to live free, but they can't, not only they're scared but at the same time, there are so many factors to regard to when choosing freedom to come out.

It is a battle inside and not all those who hide and remained from hiding are not brave, as what I have mentioned "there are so many things that we need to regard." Boundaries will always be there, temptations and lust will always be the challenges that they need to overcome. It is not a one time problem, it is a recurring one, it has never been resolved, indeed it has become an issue.

Coming out is simple, but the consequence will always be the hardest thing to accept.

So I respect these gay-guys on keeping their individual status secret, on letting their family, friends and lovers happy. They sacrificed a lot. Kudos to these brave souls.

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