Once the glass breaks it is too impossible to have it fixed. No matter what technology we maybe using, still it wouldn't be that same glass that once very delicate, precious but yet it is fragile. Same with friendship and love.

We can't sew back the broken stitches and pretend that everything happened in the past will stay in the past. I do believe that our mind is capable of recalling any memories starting from the day were born. It's pretty logical to think that no matter what we do in patching the issue, it still won't be fixed to its fullest.

I am writing this to the two people whom i have rift with. There are reasons why and there are questions that I need answers for. Words that had been said and left me hurt. Words that made me furious and wonder why on earth they said it.

I hope Bill and Pit know what I feel. I hope they knew at first what am I dealing before uttering words that is not just hurtful but insensitive too.

Well I wish them good luck.


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