We've been hearing great gay story of love and destiny. We've been dreaming of that same thing to happened to us, we've been longing that one day, crossing fingers it would come to you. We can't also hide the fact that we've tried to experiment, take chances and fight for what we thought is love.

The kind of gay fairy tales we see in social media, those IG messages for someone's lover, those pictures in Facebook that we gravitate so much for being so romantic and sweet for them. We check on youtube to be inspired by those videos about love and how to make it strong.

Unconsciously we've experimented a lot. Sometimes even our standards have been sacrificed, as we believed that there is no standards when it comes to finding someone and finding love.

But we missed some things about finding that love that we have longed for.As for me who is on the chase of finding that one kind of love that i know of, it is pretty hard to just adjust on someone's predicament, his life and the way he lives it.  It is also hard to make a deal on staying faithful and true to the relationship.

As far as I know, there is no perfect relationship. Not that I know of someone who never fight, who never cheat or let say who stand during the test of lust or "the taste of Meat?" perhaps?. It is purely hard. But the one who fights, the one who stays strong is the one who deserves love.

Some of you may tell me I just talk and not walking the talk. I would agree, the longest relationship I've had was 3 years, if only I've been strong enough to fight or to save the memories we could've stayed strong now, we could've been together now. But I am only human. I was weak and too aggressive, to hurtful maybe?

But those lapses taught me so much, it taught me to understand the  fact that Listening is a key factor on understanding the situation. I admit that I tend to be nagger and rude, I always wanted to get what I want- yet forgetting the other side of his. He needed his life, his friends and everything that he has long before I'v arrived. I missed this point.

Gays has that insatiable appetite for guys, hot guys, weird guys, horny guys and so on and so forth. We always wanted to meet new guys, make new friends or even meet for a plain sex. I do it sometimes, I am not new to this. When horny strikes, we can surely stay late, we can surely rummage parks, bars, malls or even private rooms to hook up and get laid in. Yes, we do this. We gays are not faithful enough, we are not pure enough for someone- but we are a believer that there's someone out there who could change us and makes us a better version of ourselves.

We may go haywire, we may commit mistakes again, but a better and improved self-respect is what we gained from all these. We are gays, and we believed in Love and Relationship.

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