More than anything, one of the stuff I hate the most is goodbye, that certain and distinct feeling of longing is way harsh for me. It doesn't just beat me up inside, it burns me too.

I and my friend was talking about his new location and me sorting out my priorities. He will be teaching in some remote area as part of his job. I as well told him that I will be needing to go back to Manila and get a job, sort out everything. Saved.

But what's my point here? I hate goodbye. I met this new friend of mine for like a month ago and from then on, we clicked. No emotional and personal desires or anything. We just clicked as friends as pure as that.

We talked about stuff, about boys and sexcapades. We cackled, we eat together, we have dramas and we have hopes and dreams. He's twice as my age, but he is just fabulous. He can make the dead live again once more. He may be loving horror movies and horror books (which I am not so fond of) but he's lovely.

There are so many things I have learned from him, from kindness to sharing happiness and to looking out for each other. And making someone feels not alone. He is guided by his experiences and things that had happened in the past. He's got more scars than me, he's got more grueling stories and some of those are gruesome enough to jot down.

He admitted that he had live life in haywire, he as well acknowledge the fact that he is making up for it. Nonetheless, he knows who he is and what he wants in life.

Brilliant beyond measure and avtrue person if you know him, so kind that I couldn't even imagine how it is going to be like when we part ways. I am all alone, and I have gotten used to it. But being with him and listening to his nuances, it's beyond amazing.

Truly, when we found someone who is good to us, whom we can lean on and whom we can share our lives and secrets or even our weirdest habits that without any judgment he/she would take it, just because he respect you and love you.

Parting ways is surely a pain in the ass for me. I hate goodbyes, I hate that oblivion process, that agonizing feeling. Fighting alone with a broken sword and with no shield.

It feels good when you found good people who let you feel welcome and admired you just as who you are, and who have accepted your weirdness whole-heartedly. It is amazing and it's beyond measure.

I know our journey will take us somewhere, somewhere far, we may not going to see each other again but I am grateful, I am happy and so blessed to meet and be with a good friend that I call my refuge, that I call a "true friend". I will missed you Craig, I will miss the moments of us together. Your boys, my mantra, out tantrums and our hopes and dreams.

Our story will always be amazing, We will be even more fabulous, as we inked this world pink.

Kudos to that great friendship. I love you my friend.

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