This picture speaks a thousand words.

The LGBT community was ecstatic upon seeing this photo. Everyone was raving about this couple- sweet and bold as most of us tagged it.

Sweet enough that it depicted the kind of relationship most us wanted to have, to be able to do things that we love, show to people that we can do anything in the name of love. True enough that this is a symbol of sweetness at its heights. I couldn't agree more.

Bold that made everyone raved, made everyone wonder and made everyone wants to have that kind of relationship. The picture didn't just show us boldness, it also shows happiness and that everyone no matter what gender you belong you have the RIGHT to show your emotions, your affection towards the person you love.

I am not certain if this couple is for real or just another bold statement for equality rights. Regardless, it drooled us to hope and to fight for our feelings. It gives us the notion that it could happened to those who seeks for love, and that LGBT community can be sweet by showing off their affection in public and can be bold by standing up for what we believe is fair and right for us.

May God bless their relationship!

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