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                                                   "Forever is composed of nows"

Nowadays most gay-guys would drool over looks rather than knowing the person before gutting out in bed. Merely, it is too impossible to find that person who doesn't just adore you but will love you faithfully. Nowadays it is by sheer chance to find someone who  will accept all your flaws and will accept you the way you are and the way you see the world.

He  may not be forcing you to change, instead he will let you just be yourself. Now I'm talking figuratively.    Realizing how hard it is  to battle it out in the society where social media is an indispensable tool in finding hook up, quick meet ups and the likes. It is by chance to land in someone's arm without  knowing what is Grindr, Planet Romeo, Scruff and other social sites.

I admit that I'd met a handful of guys on these site, I am not clean enough to say I haven't dated anyone who happened to not  know all of these. My point is: "it is easy to meet and fuck and it is easy to dispose as well." This is the given fact that we gay-guys know. There are so many hopefuls out there, so many people who wants to love and be loved. So many gays gutting it out to find someone, their forever- and yet their behavior towards dating is somewhat shallow. Is it because we can easily find someone if we get dump? Is it because by just showing our flesh online we could easily get a hook up? Sadly, it's a big yes.

I adore how my uncle taught me about forever, how he told me to take a chance out there but to remain principled about love and relationship. At some point it helped me think to always reserved myself for someone who will definitely love me. I am not trying to be mellow-dramatic, but I  just believe that there is someone out there for me. And that principle cannot be taken away from me. It is better to hope, than to have never hoped at all.

Truly, our world is in one click away mode, everything is fast and we thank internet for that. But I also would like to remind everyone (gay-guys) to brace ourselves in taking a bite. We should always reserved our hearts, reserved ourselves for someone who will truly love us. It may be impossible to find that love, but hey like what I have said: "it is better to hope than to have never hoped to find someone that we deserved." We all do. The what  if's are given, it all depends on us.

Everything is easy, fast and quick.  But remember, if it is fast and quick, you already know the ending. Let us love ourselves and when we're able to nourish ourselves with the love  that we needed, that's the time that we can truly find someone that we call our own.

There's so many  broken souls out there, so many who are dying to be loved yet they don't even know how to give value in what God has given to them. We can never love others unless we are fully nourished with the love that we need.  Believe in forever, because it is only those who believe that  will truly deserved  it. Perception is reality.

Because to love is to live and to live is to love.

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  1. as long as ure single, I will not think of you as a dirty lad na naghahanap ng sarap. coz everyone does. Even I.

    And this is the reason kung bakit me alter ako. To divide myself. My heart is for someone who deserves and strong enough to be my man.Dun pumapasok sakin ang salitang forever.And the other part of me is just for fun. to satisfy my needs while Im still waiting for my forever. at baka sakaling pwede kung makuha siya dun.hahaha. wanna hook up with me?lols

  2. hahaha.. Adik ka, tagal na kaya natin plan mag kikita. pero dami mong ayaw eh. lols


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