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I'd like to feel that every decision I made in life are worth it, as I gauge in the maturity level that I am in right now. I just celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday, nothing new. But definitely I am eager to plan things out for a better future. Gone are the days of bumming and settling on some things that aren't beneficial at all.

I have live a life full of surprises, full of grudge and some "not-so-good"to remember stuff, yet I am grateful for all of those. It made me realize to look out for myself more, be open to possibilities and be happy.

As I look back into that awesome 25 years of my life, tears started to roll down my cheeks. Looking back on those times when finding yourself was such a hard thing to do, when peer-pressure and discrimination were all at hand. It wasn't all up easy, it was a hard fought battle, being able to be where I am now (I know not so- successful) I just couldn't be happier. At some point I am able to adjust on how to deal with everyday life, with challenges and to always remain grateful and optimistic about life. In time everything's going to make sense.

I have jotted down the lessons I have learned in this 25th year of living in this planet earth.

1. Pray- mainly prayer made me stronger, if I am mad I would tell God, if I am thankful- I would tell Him.
2. Trust yourself- nothing beats like trust. When you have been through shits in life, all the things that you learn is to trust yourself thsat you can ace anything.
3. Fight for yourself- When everything falls down and you seemed to feel like you are degraded? Fight! No one will ever fight for you if you won't do it first. Fighting for ourselves is loving ourselves in all the right aspect.
4. Learning to accept my mistakes- this part right here was extremely hard for me. As my childhood was doomed. It wasn't easy growing up and the only thing inside your heart is tremor and grudge. I would always fight if I feel like I am being attacked. Regardless if it is my mistake. But as I grow up, I have learned to apologize and take the blame if it is my mistake.
5.Apologize- it is too hard to do so when you know you have pride. I would admit, it's excruciating doing so, but I am human and I do make mistakes. But there is nothing more fulfilling than apologizing sincerely.
6. Chase your dream and make them happen- Fashion will always be my first love. And I would fight for it, chase it until I will make it happen. God bless me.
7. Let your loved-ones know you love them- I regreted the years of not telling my family how much they means to me. I thank god for letting me realize I couldn't live without them.
8. Keeping your Real friends- one thing, friends will always be there. But having real friends is seldom to be found. So I treasure my Ate Faith and I am just blessed to have her in my life. We may not be going to see each other everyday, but we know that we love each other.
9. Have faith in our country, life and love- Having faith in all aspect of life can do wonders. And so does being grateful.

10. Be fabulous- with all the flaws I have, I can not change them all, but I can definitely make them flawsome!

I have so many things to jot down, but I let life alone take it step by step! God bless us all.

I am 25 and 10 lessons I have learned in life

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  1. belated happy birthday timmy,..,, "always try to be positive and try to live life with no regrets"

    1. aww! you found it. Hahaha! thanks so much!

  2. Alright! New here Tim, first of all happy birthday! The feels ng pagtanda cause i also felt that when i turned 24 last May. I love the list, esp no. 1, it should be at the top! :)

    Ive added you on my blog list, here's the URL for more: http://stevevhan.blogspot.com/p/artist.html


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