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It's been a while since the long gone hiatus of reconciling the past and making amends to what had been a lapse that caused me to fled away and left the dream undone. But gladly, everything's all patched up now. And there's nothing more fulfilling than finding peace and serenity in life, after all, humbling yourself and admitting that Ï made a mistake and I had screw my chance way back is a good thing in finding the inner peace that I have longed for.

For all I know, there are so many things to improve within me. So many things to learn to and a lot of thoughts to ponder to grow as a better person. My way up to the top is tough enough, that at some point I thought of giving up. But a man who can't live up to the expectation to grow and to achieve something before his time is useless. As much as I want to cuddle in bed and go back to Davao, I just could not. Life is there, but money is in Manila.

I would just suck myself thoughts and remember that this journey is all about taking a bite and enjoying the life as it supposed to be enjoyed. To be happy and to strive to be the best, the better version of me.

To continue living, and to make all those dreams come true. For my mom and for my family.

Grinding life

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  1. That's the point of it Tim, learning, that's why we have mistakes. The scary part of making mistake is never trying to fight from your shortcomings and never try learning from it.


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