Me and Bill will always have that unorthodox kind of relationship, I mean we started out 2 years ago. When I went back to Davao City. He lives in the America, at some point, it didn't occur to me that we would actually hit the bandwagon. But we did.

Then there were times where we would banter at each other, esp. me, I would banter at him, being so rude. As young as 24, I thought I would lose him and he will find another. Well according to him, he did found one, but yeah as per him. haha. And then there were times where we don't talk, like a month or two but then again here comes the "missing" point, where blatantly I would send him bulk of emails. I would always tell him my dreams, my future plans and everything that I wanted to do in life. He would just be there, responding to my email and telling me, encouraging me to go move and be free.

He has his tantrums too, his desperation. His anxiety and complains about his job, the people and anything that hurdle him that day.  As an optimistic being, I always console him. I told him thesame as the ones he's telling me. And then life moves on.

I guess life had let us meet, let us rant and banter on each other. But at the end of the day, we settle on what's best for us. On what we truly are- HAPPY INSIDE. We just need to push, keep moving and be the better version of ourselves everyday.

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  1. It really feels good when there's one soul in this world that lifts you up. Those people are those that we cant afford to lose right? :)


    Also Tim, Idk if i have told you this already! hahahs, since a lot of visitors are getting crazy in my blog, i just had my time last week sorting link exs and stuffs. I added you on my links.
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