The gush of air, skips the beating heart, he doesn't care nor the world.He doesn't even know what country or place he's in today. He's been too so many places, but this one is a bit mysterious and all new to him.

He's so wet, while  wallowing all the memories on what happened last night. He could only remember the sudden thug of light, and he lost his memory after it. He got up on his feet and started walking.

There are so many things going through his mind, his mom's illness, his rent in a bed space room he shared with 2 other people and the end date of his contract in it. "Where on earth would I scoured that 10,000 pesos". Squinting his eyes, he tried to shag away the thought. "I don't want stress today."

He is mostly alone, he can live by himself, do everything by himself. He got used to this routine, since setting foot in a big city back in the south 10 years ago, he was barely 16 then. All his innocence back in the day was pure.

When he looks back at it, he would just smile. Now, he is old enough, has dreams and goals. Yet still broke. Not to mention, he is mean sometimes and highly emotional. He is kind too. He's loving and most of all he love art and goes to the gym to maintain his physique. Quite a smarty-pants too- well more of a street smart person.

His dream is to make it somewhere far, somewhere big. That ilusions are made real, that dreams come true. That even the impossible things can happened. He promised it to himself, he will work on it and strive hard to make it happened.

"Hey now, hey now,don't dream- it's over."- the lilting words coming out from the radio. The words struck, the words has a tingling sensation in the ears. There's the liberation that he wants, freedom that he wants. And he doesn't know where to find them.

"Kuya Timmy, Kuya Timmy- alis na kami pa sarado nalang po yung pinto pag aalis na kayo."-the sudden jolt of reality kicked in. He's not dreaming. All of a sudden, he's problem came back. The rent for another place would cost him 10,000 pesos, the share of the bills, his mom and everything.

Don't dream, it's over.  Should I tow my dreams now?

Don't dream, it's over

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