(some works I've done on 2015)

In two days time 2015 will be off the radar. Yet a new year will come, another 365 days of living. Some odyssey may take us somewhere new and some may console to the old kind of life that we are used to. It is encompassing to recognize how fast the time and days fly. It could be like a gush of the wind, from the moment that you closed your eyes to the moment that you opened it- it's another day and another journey. Same shits, but with a different variations.

In all aspect 2015 is quite a good year for the country, optimistically. I would sound hypocrite if I wont acknowledge the fact that we have gone through so much this year. Numerous  typhoon, government corruptions, the SAF massacre and all those nerve wracking incidents that  molded this country into either a tough one to beat or the one who have lost its faith to humanity.

On a positive note to myself: I am incredibly grateful for the growth as a person, there were so many ups and downs. Things that were eventual, things that were unplanned and all the nitty gritty a man could learned on his mid 20's.  I couldn't be grateful enough with the growth of my career and to be part of fashion once again. To get in there easily and be part of it is just the best feeling of all.

When you've realized your worth and what you can do and how much skills and talent you have is such a great thing to consider. In addition, to know the people that you have admired and dressed them up is already a plus.

This year I was given a chance to style big celebrities through my boss who is equally great in the field of styling. The experiences were all worth it. To see Sarah G. first hand and to help her dressed up is not easy as one, two, three. To crashed with Angeline Q's insanity is amazing- this lady can sing and can eat a lot. Of course, I couldn't forget meeting Martin Nievera and Garry V. These two giants in showbiz taught me a lot of lessons in honing your talents. (they're mainly a pro, yet they always have time to rehearsed and practice) the bonus was to helped them be "dappered up" for ASAP.

This year I got a chance to meet and personally styled Piolo Pascual for a short period of time on his upcoming television series that will come out soonest. I know, every girls would envy. Not just that, to work with Toni G. and Sam Milby and learned something from them, their diligence on their call time is incredible. They are mainly the hard working horse!

Learning from these people, celebrities or not have made me appreciate the hard work and the money earned from it. Truly, when you worked hard for some bucks, it is better than being  given to you.

Being closed to ending this year, I am thankful for everything that had happened. May it be good or bad- still it is an experience to a lifetime. To help me grow and a better person. To Alex M. Who helped me a lot (no need some mentioning) he sure knows what it is. Thank you man!

To the designers who extendedly let me borrow stuff from them. To Bang Pineda who at some point made me realized my worth as a person, and who as well taught me more about styling. It's a business with pleasure.

And to the feature we had in Mega whom at first and never in my entire life thought it would happened. Ugh, there is so much to be thankful and cringe for!

Life is good, it's better, it is great!

Thank God for all these!

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