Take me back to the time where Abraham Lincoln still hunts vampire and slayed 'em, bring me back to the time where fairy-tales were of great stories to listened to, and make me wide eyed looking at the window imagining things and somewhat hallucinating for a fact that all these are impossible.

May the music takes me to the time where impossibilities could work. Oh the Jesus time, where miracles were allover the place and that faith was intact. Could've been a great journey.

May the lilting manner of a composed man be "casted" on me. So to learn to be brave and confident would never be an issue anymore. 

May life brought back the astonishing stories of achievements of people who have passed away but their legacy have remained a symbol of hope, a beacon of fire to glanced at every time we fail. 

Let life allows us to progress on our own, merited by our own struggles and awarded by our own diligence to live a life  we all dreamed of living. It could be hard sometimes, but we aligned with what the universe conspired for us. 

Grow and outgrow the pain, the fear and the grudge. Be a man that is strong, that is faithful, that is eager to help without any return. Be a man that is full of love and passion. 

Be a man that you wanted to be and not what the society dictates you to be. 


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  1. "Be a man that is full of love and passion. "

    The ever thing that every man should posses. This would break the barriers of religion, culture, age and race. I hope most of the people realize that! :)


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