"When the going gets tough, the tough get going"

I felt it, I know it is hard to train and just lose a game without fighting hard and you
yourself knew you could pull off  and play more. Say fight! But the ball is round, it is  mainly not your time. But hey, hear me! You are the Queen, you know losing a battle is fine- but to win the war it takes a lot of works, struggles and determination to achieved it. It would never be a walk in the park, you know this. Human as we are, we can be beaten down. And it just happened today. On the other hand, You should be happy because it happened today, not in the finals or semi-finals. There are a lot to work on, I know. Which you can basically hasten it, perfect it. You can do it!

Losing twice isn't good. I was frustrated while watching the game. I know the team can do more, can deliver goods way beyond our expectations. While watching, I saw your frustrations, your nerves had gotten into you. The Queen is nervous. Which I panicked. The Queen should composed herself back, the Queen should stay calm and lead the squad. (Rolling eyes now)

The Queen must fight back. The signature spikes must be done. The drop-balls must be done. With my desperation, I was curing already. Slamming the table with my fist. Ugh, if only I could do something, but yes I could only watched you beaten in 4 sets. Sad. I punished myself, I went to the gym and just released that tension. It is just a bad day. It WAS.

My Lady, you have done so much for Volleyball to be this famous now. You brought stars to dream and to fight for their dreams to play in UAAP or NCAA. With this alone? You're a true winner. Regardless, if you win this season or not. You have opened so many doors for other afficionados to dream big. Young ones to start training! You are the true Queen. You have a bright future ahead of you! Beat that doubters and detractors. Those haters too, they're not worth it anyway.

Believe, Stay Focus and Play Happy. I want to take you back to the season 76 wherein you beat NU in the most spectacular manner. Two towers? Done. It was an uphill climbed,you even beat La Salle,and  you've proven everyone that you can do it- and damn you won the championship for the first time for the school. The Queen was crowned! Hail to the Queen! From then on, nothing has changed. You will always be the Queen! Bear that in mind.

You might be beaten down now, but a true  fighter never give up. Because a fighter knows he/she can always get back up and train harder. I never doubted your capabilities, your skills are way above everyone. What I want you to do? Get yourself back up, this are just humps to better you and the team.

There's no uphill climb if your heart remains strong. There are no obstacles that can hinder a Queen, if she's determined! I know you are! So fight! Show them your prowess. You are the  MVP of the people. Mark that!

Always remember this: A team who play happy will surely win. You've seen it, La Salle and UP played happy and they won. My point is: Play HAPPIER. Put that Happiness inside the heart, wear it everyday. Strength and Skills are innate. But composure is hard to obtain. Because it takes a lot of adversities for the person to have it. Believe and have faith.

We love you. We all do. Fight back! Remember, you are the Queen! And the Queen shall reign majestic.



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