Crashed that! Oh hey, it's been a while since I fucked the blogosphere. All the while, I glanced at this blog and say nothin'. I go black out all the time. Losing the appetite to write and conjure thoughts.Though I've had a lot of things to say, or wanting to say it's just that I didn't have the courage to start drafting.

I've tried conjuring thoughts, drafting but it didn't go fruition. I don't know. I know I lacked inspiration these days. I've bummed out too much. Fucked out so much.

Traveled back to my city, got drunk. Found some newe friends and then now I'm back in Manila. Oh yeah, there are a lot of things really that had happened. So many things that I couldn't relay all right now. Uaap had started already, so it means my excitement everyday will be multiplied.

I think I'm a sex maniac too. Gosh, I've been thinking about dicks lately. Some inhumane sex escapades. I guess I'm normal, there's normality in sex anyway? Well I don't know. As long as I am not as hooked as fuck, then I guess I am normal. Let see how it goes.

I've started styling as well, I mean I'm back at it. I styled some gigs and hoping it'll go smoothly. I am crossing my fingers too. Damn this fashion dream, it keeps me awake at night. Ideas are fuming. Such a life eh?

Oh I just removed my friend from the friend's list on FB. I think her condescending approach towards my life is quite different already. We argued towards differences that We bothe know we cannot really changed. She has become more objective on her beliefs and faith. The bible, her own ways about God. I didn't hesitated removing her from my list. She wont be someone that I would hang and dwell with.

I gotta move on. Anyway, enough for now. I need some fuck!

No fucks given

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