I sometimes questions life. I reckoned, I'd curse life, I'd throw curses like I'm a mad dog. But that wasn't the case, sometimes I grudgingly take life so serious that when I fail, I blamed it to the heavens. Which on the other hand, unfair.

I wish I could turned back times, I could wipe away the tears of those I've hurt and those whom I have break their hearts to pieces. My mom, my exes, my ex- friends and those along the way, had become an excuse to banter. But the case is closed, they've moved on and so am I.

Let all my errors be a mirror now, at this present life. I know I was a prince when I committed all these. All those things have passed. So let the rivers take it to the deep waters and forget that it all existed at some point in my past life. What matters now is, I am happy, alive and fully well.

The Prince of the Past

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