11:37 The clock is ticking and the stand fan is swooshing back and forth. It is almost midnight yet I haven't feel the need to doze off, maybe because I slept late and woke up late. Relevant. Tonight, I have seen quite a number of things changed rapidly. There are those Instagram algorithms that makes instagram way boring than it was before. As weird as it is, I do scrutinize every details of it. Cause in the end, I wanted to learn new things, be it online marketing, branding etc. For me this is way productive than reading news and looking on to my Facebook newsfeed, ugh it is silly to say, but social media have succumb to being a non-realistic plethora of all things new in the 21st century.

There are those new discoveries, new things and terms to understand such as millenials and adulting. These are just few things to consider living in a high tech world of the 21st century. I wonder if the phrase "Ignorance is a bliss" has value anymore. Everyone wants to know more. Cause the more intellectual you are, the higher the chances of making it in life. Gosh, I barely even know IT stuff, but I have to learned how to put the HTML codes on this site and learned how to make a header in canva so it would look like it is still in. Or has it? I don't really care.

I was chatting with a good friend of mine about the new terms that we know nothing about, and failing to innovate or failing to know those terms could catapult you into being an old fashioned individual. It sucks sometimes. I am pro innovation, I am pro to all things new, but it also saddens me when I see people trying too hard to make an impression with nothing but a piece of shitty ideas to boot. I know, we all have that friend who wants to better his or her life and who wants to at least be in the know of all things new. Yet at some point, we forget to realize how to live simply. Because we are too busy innovating.

There are those tutorial about curation of Instagram, how to take better photos and how to look good in just t-shirts and jeans combo. Yes, I get it but as silly as it may sound, I really don't feel like doing everything and learning everything to be honest. Why can't we just stay and observe the sun rises and sets-on a daily basis. I bet you don't like that too. UV rays would damage your skin. Such is life.

I may sound so negative about innovation here, but I do hope people should realized the importance of living simply. This would surely vary on how you perceived simplicity though. As for me, I'd like to try new things according to how I feel, not according to what's in at the moment. Oh good Lord, may You bless us with something to ponder and not something to be stressed about. That's it, I'm done. 12:02AM Sleepy AF. Good night people!

Changes and more changes

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