It's almost three weeks since I moved back to Manila from Davao. It seems like my emotional depreciation about goodbye has slowly faded away. I know, I know, Davao is home and it will always be my home. I am just so happy that I have a home to go back into everytime I feel like going home. I missed you my hometown. Yet, life has to move forward and to try finding my luck once again in a big city is all I wanted to do right now-before it's too late.

What is there to settle in one place when you can traverse the whole world with the adventure in mind. As what my friend Love says, Davao will always be there waiting for me and I can always go back if I want to. Which is right. Soon enough my love.
I maybe thriving in a different city but my heart will always be in Davao, I do know that its serenity and simple life has gotten me hooked. It is after all the most beautiful and the most peaceful-loving city in the Philippines.

However, I have dreams. I have plans to achieve and things that I'd like to do in Manila or New York. Crossing fingers!
Fast forward to today, my adjustment period has been a little easy. I am no longer a cry baby trying to re-compose himself from sobbing, cause after all I'm faraway from my usual mundane and the normal things I do as a local of Davao. Nothing beats its glory to be honest, so I hope you would understand that I still feel lonely and sometimes cry and just wanting to go home. I know I can do it! Hang in there love,I'll see you one day and I shall rekindle my romance with you again.

Moving on process

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