I think most of us had experienced receiving gifts from someone who is dear to us but the only different thing is we never expect they would make such effort buying gift to brought joy in our hearts. I  Had a blast with my friend Sonde Cris- to those people who had read my previous post " Status" he is the one I am talking right now. I was really surprise about his effort sending me gift. I mean am used to it that no one's giving gift or any token- my mom the last time I received a gift from her was when I won best dj of the year at KBP. But that was 2 years ago.

Birthdays  had passed, or any holidays I would never expect any gifts that I will be receiving from anyone. But this time, I was really shocked. Dude, he made such effort, he never forgot greeting me a happy birthday, he was the first one who greeted me. What a surprise..

He texted me earlier that he will be meeting me by 5:30pm, since his gf is still at work (date muna kami, anu ako kabit?) But I told him that I don't feel like goin' out, that I was beaten. I am not comfortable of meeting. But without any further explanations, he told me he'll be fetching me up. Hey, "wag na nga pakipot, di naman ako dalagang Filipina anymore" lol.. Honestly, I don't feel good that time, but no choice I have to go out and meet him. I don't wanna offend him with my pre Madonna  brags..

Not less than 20 mins. he arrived and asked me where to go, I can't decide, all I'm expecting is that we're going to have sex on his car (lol) sucking and kissing, no anal job, chocolates will burst out if we would. But luckily, my virginity wasn't touched. So to this very moment I remained untouched. We drove west, and went to a coffee shop called Chicco de cafe expectedly I know it's kinda expensive. But it's his treat- but then again I have to control. I ordered my favorite Cappuccino, but he told me to add more so I order lasagna. We talked about problems and stuff, his patients, my hang ups then we would laugh out loud, thanks God just few people we're there  on that moment. Time passed by, really fast. I told him, it's almost 7:30 that he might be late meeting his gf.

So we decided to leave, and would dropped me home-  he told me a lot of things, his plans. Then he opened the door of his car and show  my dvd tapes( he lent some). I am surprised seeing something a tiny box inside that paper bag, then he told me he has something for me. then drove off. I felt "bitin". Then texted him thanks for his gift. I was happy. And it's a perfume.

(212 Carolina Herrera for men)
It's 500 pesos. Not that costly nor cheap. But dude, it's awesome. Smells good!

Thanks Cris! And Happy Birthday to me..


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  1. makahanap nga ako niyan dito.


    All the happiness, and the best. :)

  3. uy happy birthday! Sabi nga ni Divine lee: APpreciate more, expect less. That was a very sweet treat and precious gift.

  4. Akoni: Hehehehehe.. Bango parekoy..

  5. the green breaker: Thanks man.


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