I used to labelled  myself as a "loser". Ain't no good in anything that i have been doing, no growth happened. Cnce I write, I wrote stupidity and grammatically wrong. Something that I had struggled to take it off from my system. It seems that those negative thoughts and such discrimination that I had been through affected me on moving and changing the route of my life.

All my life, I had been dreaming of becoming a successful writer, photographer and an established young professional. I envied others, why? They had so much in life, studies and love. With these aspects in life, I am unlucky and vehemently beaten.

Growing up from a family of "short minded ones" I never heard any dreams and plans on changing the status of our family. Satisfied with 3 times a day course a hand to mouth genre. Every one got  vivid picture of what is life out there, and how would our lives changed if we would choose to. I never blamed my parents why these things happened, they too never dreamt of letting us suffered the direness of a chaotic life we were in.

Everything has its purpose, either you  learned from it or brag about it. What happened to us as a family was a memory of doom yet sparkly life. Doom since we never dreamt of facing it at a very young age. Sparkly cause I had learned to appreciate what is life and I grew up maturely, in money, dealing with every situations and loving myself more than enough.

To received LOVE we should nourished ourselves  with: 

  • self respect
  • learn to appreciate the growth that you are in.
  • to be able to handle situations that heavy.
  • developed your self esteem to interact and share knowledge.
  • Inspire others to do something "good" for themselves.
  • Share good thoughts- share your smile.
  • Be grateful of other'people's achievement, and learned from them.
  • Think positive.
  • Strive to do good every day. 
  • Read books that are uplifting and has good moral lessons to grasp.
  • Be humble.
  • Don't deprive yourself on doing the things that you wanted to do, feed your fetish.
  • Have sex at least twice a month. Use protection!
  • Hit the gym, and have other way on making your body fit.
  • Be an asset not a liability.
  • Be faithful to yourself and to others as well eg: gf/bf/best friend..
  • Love your parents and forgive them for the lack.
  • Give chance to others. 
  • Read the bible everyday
  • Be faithful to GOD!
All these have something to do in my life. Some are soon to be done. Anyway, learning is a process. So maturity as well!

One Day...

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  1. Always believe in God for even if all else fails, He will always be there. Cheer up sir.

    New follower here, hope you get some time to check my blog. Thanks!

  2. Josh:Thanks man!

  3. I can relate to your post and I guess we have the same dreams and experiences. I am a frustrated writer and envy those who are gifted. I struggled hard experience rejection and dejection for innumerable times. I am a trying hard professional who loves to write but has a big problem in grammar, but still tries and tries and studied grammar. I learned from it in spite of all my struggles. Yet, i'm still not good and i still have lots of mistakes.

    But the bottom line here is: we both learn to love ourselves. and that's it.

    I was really laughing reading the lists of receiving love and how to nourish it.It's fun and you're cool.

  4. pEarl: oh pearl dear- thanks for appreciating my post! I am so glad..

  5. this post made me realize there are things on the list that i was doing before that i am not doing these days, i will try to do it again.

    salamat sa pagshare tim

  6. dan: Kuya Dan, yes.. Thanks kuya sa pag basa..


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