It's an ambivalent emotion that has been wrapping me up this day. I am leaving Davao City. Davao City has been a place where of course I grew up, study and lived for a long time. It taught me so much to learned in life, may it be in growing up maturely, dealing with challenges, coping with depressions and so on and so for. Aside from those things Davao also let me experienced my first achievement, first sex, first love and first heart break.

Through the years I seldom visit Manila, maybe because i find it uninteresting place to live in. But what the heck is going on, it seems that I am turning this "uninteresting" word to Davao.It is by choice that I will be moving to Manila for good. Somehow I am chasing my dream so help me God.

Davao City has been declared as one of the most livable city in Asia, a fastest urbanized city in the Philippines. In many ways it had shaped me up to be come a better person everyday. For me Davao  is on the verge of  urbanized yet its serenity and laid back life is well preserved. We spoke Tagalog and Visayan mixed into one find it out on the link I have. It turns out funny to listen to. It is a big city to be explored yet my journey is taking me to the north. Where possibility of making my dreams to happened is graspable. Admittedly  I'm a bit sad, leaving my old peers here, people of whom gave me so much of love, care and friendship. But I have to do it. It's now or never.

Leaving the life I have in here, laid back and serene whilst embarking with such a traumatic, stressful life in a big city. Heck I am ready. I told myself that it is a now or never. I have been a fighter all my life, and I know living in a city that has a lot of challenges will hasten me more. Will even mold me to be come a better person. I am trying to condone myself, telling moi not to be sad, that there's three persona that'll accompany me ( It's me,myself and I).. Solve!

Manila is a lot different. Widely known as the busiest, dumbest, craziest, traffic-iest place in the country. But I am embarking a city life, I am invoking hardly in prayer that my life in Manila will be as messy as in Davao. I love messy life. That is why I have decided to embrace the idea of living and taking part of it busyness. Surreptitiously I have made my life gaudy.

As I am counting before the day of my departure, I felt so hesitant to get up, take a bath. I felt beaten by this huge and heavy emotion that is enveloping me. But i have to move, I have to win. I told you it is a now or never! 

So help me GOD!

It's now or never!

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  1. Anonymous3/17/2012

    May God Bless you on your journey here in Manila, and may you be able to keep up with the pacing here,

    once u get here, I'd be gladly to tour you around


  2. May God bless you! Never forget the reason why you are there. Never forget that you are leaving what you have been used to in Davao for what you think Manila will give you. Take care!


  3. T.R.Aurelius: Wow, thanks then. Will forward my digits sayo.

  4. JJ Roa Rodriguez: Thanks buddy..

  5. Anonymous3/19/2012

    Should you or should I live it?

    hmmm...found your blog..
    so you are from Davao...
    ---you don't say...:)

  6. Anonymous3/19/2012

    see me and to

  7. On the contrary, I'd like to go see Davao, live and feel how's like to be in there. Maybe someday here in Manila, we would be walking right past each other never knowing that we're blogmates pala. How interesting is that? Well good luck Tim on your journey! :)

  8. ken: hahaha, couldn't agree more!

  9. Gianne Lee: sure I will.


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